Metroid Prime hacking

The Metroid Prime hacking scene is still extremely young, however we’ve been making great strides lately, SCLY was my biggest hurdle, but thanks to MilesSMB of Speed Running fame that hurdle is now gone, and now I’m currently working on figuring out ANCS files.

I decided to be extremely vague in this first post, mostly to cover the bare basics, essentially:

  • Hacking is still early
  • Model Scenegraphs are still unknown
  • SCLY is FINALLY figured out
  • Entity editing is possible, but mostly for novelty at this point.
  • Enemy AI is a curiosity, and I’d like to learn more about the EVNT and AFSM files (Event and, Actor Finite State Machine respectively)

Anyone who wants to get involved is more than welcome to, so please grab a hex editor, debugger, or just follow our progress and give us encouragement.

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